sábado, 29 de março de 2008

Answers to my sins

An angelface smiles to me
Only a scent of beauty left behind
That smile used to give me warmth.
I'll never understand the meaning of the right

I'm all alone here
Beside the cross on your grave
There's a sacred place razel keep safe.
Farewell - no more words to say.

What's left around me?
...it's all so strange...
I know the way that I falter
To mend the pieces of my heart.

It`s time to turn back time
The night you left with a kiss so kind
You give me all but the reason why.
All of my questions are answers to my sins

All of my endings are waiting to begin.
things I thought I put behind me
haunt my mind preaching my blame.
I just know there's no escape now.
I'll never understand of the right.

J.A.Cabral 06/07

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